Service #1 SILVER Detailing Package

Our most affordable detailing package including spray wax and interior vacuum, wipe down, and leather/vinyl dressings. Not recommended for heavily soiled vehicles.

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Service #2 GOLD Detailing Package

Combines the complete EXTERIOR detail and hand wax wth Interior vacuum, wipe down, and leather/vinyl dressings

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Service #3 PLATINUM Detailing Package *MOST POPULAR*

Our signature auto detailing package with extensive INTERIOR and EXTERIOR services including shampoo and hand wax.

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Since 1993

What we offer and why choose us?

Simple why choose us? We are a company insured and licensed mobile business that operate around the world, we do our services in USA, Spain and Dominican Republic.

Our excellent services that we offer are those that separate us from others, we offer complete mobile detailing services, exterior and interior spider webs and elimination of swirls, paint protection, odor treatment, cleaning and engine dressing and much more. In short, because we have the best products on the market, exclusive knowledge and skills such as a high sense of responsibility and excellent customer service skills. that distinguishes us from the competition and that's why we are the numbers 1 in mobile car details.

WashMeToday.com are proud to be part of.

 Expert Car Detailing Llc.



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Your one stop source for all your mobile auto detailing needs. Don't have time to waste at a car wash? Don't have the supplies to do it yourself? Let a Expert Car Detailing Specialist come to you and make your car look like new! Our Specialists use only the highest quality car care products